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Laxmi is the most sought after goddess in Hindu mythology, since she is the goddess of wealth and fortune, royal power and beauty. Laxmi signifies the beautiful and bountiful aspect of nature.

She is duly recognised as bhoodevi, the earth goddess in which she plays the role of nurturing life.

As the mighty Shreedevi, she is the goddess of fortune she showers pleasure, prosperity and power on those she extends her grace over. In order to realize her bountiness one needs to respect the mystery of existence as well as the laws that govern life.

Laxmi rises on a lotus which is drenched with dew. She is dressed in red silk, is adorned with gold and embodies and signifies affluence, abundance and auspiciousness.

As Sri, Laxmi symbolizes ruling power, possessed by the owner of the seat or cushion. The word Sri signifies riches, prosperity and abundance, which could be in the possession of anyone. In other words, Sri, stands for general well being of physical health, bodily beauty, ruling majesty and material prosperity.

In outward appearance, she is richly ornamented and looks glorious. She is as radiant as gold, as illustrious as the moon. She shines like the sun and is lustrous like fire. As Sri, she is associated with growth and fertility of moist, rich soil. Her presence is there in the potency of the soil. At the village level, her importance lies in connection with the soil.


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